violet laser diode ndv4316 from BeamQus

Optical output power: CW 120mW
Peak Wavelength: 405nm
Can Type: 5.6mm Floating Mounted with Photo Diode and Zener Diode

Nichia website ndv4316

405nm Single Mode, 120mW TO-Can Laser Diode, NDV4316E from laserdiodesource.

gophotonics . The NDV4316 from Nichia Corporation is a Violet Laser Diode that operates at a wavelength of 405 nm. It delivers a continuous-wave optical output power of 120 mW with a slope efficiency of 1.4 W/A. This single-mode laser diode has a parallel beam divergence of 9 degrees and a perpendicular beam divergence of 19.5 degrees. It requires a threshold current of 35 mA and has an inbuilt Zener diode for protection against static electricity. It is available in a Ø5.6 mm package and is ideal for measurement instruments and household appliances.