1/2/4 channel relay module 5V low level solid state relay 250V 2A Output with Resistive Fuse 1 2 4 Way Relay For Arduino


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  • Brand Name: Eiechip
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Condition: New
  • Type: Relay
  • Model Number: 1/2/4 channel relay module
  • Application: Universal
  • Operating Temperature: standard
  • Supply Voltage: 5V
  • Dissipation Power: standard
  • is_customized: Yes

product description:
1. Omron 5V solid state relay 240V 2A, output with resistive fuse 240V 2A.
2. Input power: 5V DC (160MA)
3. Input control signal voltage: (0-2.5V state low level relay ON) (3.3-5V state high level relay OFF)

Module interface:
Input part:
DC+: connect to the positive pole of the power supply (power supply according to the relay voltage)
DC-: connect to the negative pole of the power supply
CH: Relay module signal trigger terminal (low level trigger is valid)
Meaning of high level and low level:
High level trigger refers to the signal trigger terminal (IN) and the negative pole of the power supply
A forward voltage, usually connected to the trigger terminal with the positive terminal of the power supply
This kind of trigger mode, when the trigger terminal has a positive voltage or reaches the trigger voltage, the relay will pull in.
Low level trigger refers to the voltage between the signal trigger terminal and the negative pole of the power supply
When it is OV, or the voltage of the trigger terminal is lower than the voltage of the positive pole of the power supply,
When the voltage is low enough to trigger, the relay is closed, usually by turning the power supply
A trigger mode in which the negative pole of the trigger is connected to the trigger terminal, so that the relay is closed.

Electrical parameters:
Voltage version Quiescent current Operating current Trigger voltage Trigger current
5V 0mA 12.5mA 0-1.5V 2mA
Product instructions:
1. The power supply of the module: the power supply must be DC, and the voltage must match the voltage of the relay
2. Wiring method:
When the signal trigger terminal has a low level trigger, the relay will be turned on, and the device will work with electricity


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