1064nm AOM with fixed Frequency Driver


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Working Medium Teo2
Center Wavelength 1040-1064
Operating Wavelength Range +/_50nm
Ultrasonic Velocity 4200m/s
max.Insertiong Los 1.5dB
Min.Return Loss 50dB
Min Lsolation 50dB
Average optical power Handling <<5W
Peak optical power Handling <<30KW
Radio frequency power 1.8W
Center frequency 100MHz
VSWR@100MHz <1.2:1
Rise Time <50ns Input impedance 50Ω extinction ratio 1000:1 Deflection angle 25mrad Working Style Fiber coupling Optical Fiber type Nufern SM-GSF-10/125 Optical Fiber interface Optical length 1m Storage temperature -30~+75℃
(1) Diffraction efficiency (including optical transmission of the crystal and surfaces) : > 70%
(2) Center RF frequency : Pick the most cost-effective option out of following list : 50, 70, 90, 110, 130, 150, 170, 190 MHz
(3) RF frequency tuning full-range (3dB): >20MHz ( i.e. 40 MHz to 60MHz for the case of 50MHz center RF frequency).
(4) Aperture: > 1mm in height, >1mm in width<img
(5) The device should not be damaged at optical power density > 5W^2


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