1255 650nm 5mW Cross hair Red Light Laser Module for Printing Texitle Sewing Machine Positioning location 5V


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Size: φ12 × 55mm (we also have other size, if you need please leave us a message to consult)

Material: copper or aluminum 

Surface Treatment / Color: Natural; aluminum  black 

Life: continuous output and life> 10,000 hours 

Output wavelength: 648nm / ± 5nm 

Output power: 5mW

Range:> 500 m 

Lens: cross

Circuit control: ACC constant current circuit 

Operating Voltage: DC  5V

Working Current:  <150mA 

Conductor: 150MM red and black electronic circuit

Working temperature: -10°C ~ +60 °C

Storage temperature: -20 °C ~ +70 °C

Package: one laser + adapter

Application module: 

1 can be used for sight with positioning. 

2 can be used for laser testing tools. 

3 can be used to locate concentricity. 

4 can be used to locate medical equipment, beauty. 

5 can be used to produce a signal device.