12mm 650nm 5mW 10mW Red Line Laser Module Focusable Industrial Class IIIA


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Wave length: 650nm

Output power:  5mW
Power supply voltage: 3V /5V DC
Working current: < 400mA
Spot : 110 degree line


  Industrial areas / Medical / Biochemical / Laser Tag 


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focusable (2)focusable (4)
Cstomized Laser Moudle 

Any part or specification of each module can be modified.


We divide a laser diode module structure into 4 main sections:

– a laser diode
– an optical lens
– a laser driver circuit
– optical and mechanical properties


1. Laser diode:

-Main characteristics of laser diode: wavelength, output power, and operating temperature


2. Optical Lens:

– Main characteristics for the beam collimation: divergence angle, laser spot size

– Choice of the laser pattern: laser dot, laser line, laser cross line, or any kind of laser pattern achieved through using DOE


Spot size:  The laser spot size has a direct relationship to the distance of projection.


3. Laser Driver Circuit:


The driving circuit of the laser modules can be either APC (Auto Power Control) or ACC (Auto Current Control).

An APC driver controlled laser module will automatically adjust the input current in order to output a constant value of optical power.

An ACC driver controlled laser module will in another way have a constant value of input current, while the output power may vary.


4. Optical and mechanical properties:

-Main characteristics for mechanical requirements: dimension requirements, boresight or called coaxial angel accuracy of laser module.

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