Red Dot line Cross beam 10mW 50mW 100mW 150mW 200mw 648nm 650nm laser module laser marking positioning lights marking device


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Housing size 16mm Diameter and 68mm length which enable the module with low body temperature in a moderate environment temperature

Housing made of Alumnium, light and strong and convenient for heat emmitting

Focusable Lens, JUST Turning the ring at the tip of the module around to adjust the shape of the dot or the line width of the line and cross

Anti-dust Tail Design to prevent dust from harsh working environment

Anti-shock Ring to prevent the effect of vibration the working environment bring to the modules

with EU or US 110-220V AC-DC adapter for option and be ready to work at any place when there is a socket

with All-Round Mount which can fixed the module and adjust for any direction you want

Option Making Guidance:

with no Accessories as below

With US adapter as below

With EU Adapter as below


With US adapter and Mount as below

with EU adapter and Mount as below


wavelength 650nm (mitsubishi ld in)    

output: 50mw 100mW 200mw     
divergence : 0.1-2mrad    
working voltage:DC 3.6V-5.5v    
line diameter: min 0.5mm at 1 meter    
shape: dot (ellipse); line ( 110 degree glass); cross (110 degree glass)    
Duty cycle: 2 hours on, 5 minutes off    

size: 16mm×68mm

Package: one red module, 

for options: one adapter, one mount


The modules are tested and the output power are measured by laser power meter before sending out.    
Please don't compare the power of this one with a none-measured laser.    
If you doubt the output, please have the laser you recieved checked by laser power meter.     

If there is any problem, please feel free to contact us. We will solve the problem asap.