12V 635/638nm 1w-1.2w Orange Laser Module TTL Laser Linear Module



12V 635/638nm 1w-1.2w Orange Laser Module TTL

Products can be widely used in a variety of stage laser lights, with TTL modulation, can work for a long time.

Host size: 69mm * 30mm * 30mm
Circuit size: 47.5mm * 35.5mm * 20mm
Output wavelength: 638 nm
Output power: 1000mW-1200mW
Cooling method: aluminum cooling
Modulation frequency: adjustable
Working characteristics: continuous work
Shell material: aluminum + copper
Circuit control: 12V step-down constant current
Reverse connection protection: Yes
Working voltage: DC = 12V
Working current: I <1200mA
Preheating time: None
Operating temperature: -10 ℃ ~ +40 ℃
Storage temperature: -10 ℃ ~ +40 ℃
Structural features: laser tube + lens + heat case
Note: The external power supply.

Customer questions & answers:

We are looking for a high brightness laser that we can make
into a line, or something that already has a lens in it that makes
a line.We have been currently using a 150-200mw laser and it doesn’t have
the brightness we require .We are using sensors that are most sensitive at about 680nm, so that frequency (or close) would be best for our needs.

Currently, we are looking for one for testing. We are building a system, so
when we find a proper unit that works for us, we will need to purchase at least
8 more. After that, we have no idea how many we would need. Hopefully,
the system would go into production and we would need more.

— 12V 635/638nm 1w-1.2w Orange TTL Laser Linear Module can meet your requirement.It is a high brightness laser linear module.The module is the most sensitive at about 680nm 1000mW-1200mW.


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