1875 532nm 10mW 20mW 30mW 50mW Line Green Laser Generator Module Diode Locator Marker Alignment for Wood Stone Cutting Cutter


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1875 532nm 10mW 20mW 30mW 50mW Line Green Laser Module Locator w/ AC-DC Adapter + Mount for Wood Fabric Cutting Cutter

532nm 10mW 20mw 30mw 50mw Line Green Laser Module Locator for Cutter

with Adapter and Mount


Well made, and stable performance

18mm diameter, 17mm length,  big size cylinder housing, longer coutinuous working time than thinner one

Housing made of Aluminum alloy , light and strong

AC-DC universal adapter for easy usage

Mount for holding the laser

We have EU and US standard plug and will send the plug according the the buyer's address.


wavelength  532nm

output  10mW 20mw 30mw 50mw for option
shape: dot (tem00), line, cross for option
lens: k9 glass lens
divergence   0.1-2mrad
bent rate 1mm 5m
working voltage  DC 5v
class iiib
working temperature  10-35
storage temperature  -40-80
line diameter: 1mm at 1 meter
Duty cycle: 3 hours on, 5 minutes off


Package: 1 modules, 1 adapters +1  mounts