2000nm DM Laser Diode


2000nm DM Laser Diode 1950-2150nm 

wavelength :2000nm Laser Diodes

output power :1.75mW Lasers

mode :Single Mode Laser Diodes

package :TO-39, 5.6mm, 14-pin FC Butterfly

fiber type :SMF or PMF

Beamlaser, experts in tunable diode lasers for gas sensing applications, offer the EP2000-DM-B laser for Carbon Dioxide detection which is continuously tunable from 1950 nm to 2150 nm. This laser diode is ideal for tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS), providing a low maintenance solution for real-time trace gas sensing (ppm or ppb levels) in harsh environments.

14-pin butterfly package

Beamlaser’s 14-pin butterfly package is designed with stability and ease of use in mind. Tested to Telcordia standards, it is the ideal package for thermal stability and fiber coupled integration.

Key features
Integral TEC
PM/SMF Coupled with FC/APC
Built-in Optical Isolator


The TO-39 incorporates an internal TEC for accurate wavelength control.

Key features
Integral TEC
Angled AR Coated Window
Free-space Design


Typically used for high volume communications applications, beamlaser’s TO-56 package is tested to Telcordia standard and is RoHS qualified. Available with either a flat window or a ball lens.

Key features
Free-space Design
Hermetically Sealed
Flat Window or 1.5 mm Ball Lens