2000nm 15 Watt Laser Module


2000nm 15 Watt Laser Module

Key Features

  • Single Mode Output
  • Highly Efficient and Compact Module
  • Stable Over Temperature (15°C to 45°C)
  • Wavelengths Available from 1.908 µm to 2.050 µm
  • Manufactured by 3SP, Fulfilled by Laser Diode Source

Product Overview:
The 2000nm 15W laser module is a compact system comprising both the resonator and the pump diodes in a single enclosure. A red tracer beam can also be added. The unit is also available as a stand-alone laser incorporating power supply and programmable laser drive electronics. Operation is possible over a wide range of wavelengths to suit your application. Key features include highly efficient single mode output, compact module, and stable over temperature range (15°C to 45°C). Wavelengths are available from 1.908 µm to 2.050 µm and support either CW or QCW applications.