2020 New laser hair removal machine 808nm diode laser hair removal laser 808nm device cold painless permanent


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Application of 808nm diode laser hair removal machine

808nm diode laser enables the light to penetrate deeper into skin , which is safer than other lasers. because it can avoid the melanin pigment in the skin’s epidermis. We can use it for permanent hair reduction of all color hairs on all 6 skin types, including tanned skin
High power 808 diode laser for hair removal with painless!
Safe permanent hair removal on all skin types;no pain,very comfortable during the treatment;suitable for any unwanted hair on areas like face,arms,armpits,chest,back,bikini,legs…It also have the skin renewing and skin tightening at the same time.

Using CW Pulse™ technology allows homogeneous distribution and more effective fluence to be delivered with improved patient comfort. The unique pulse structure of incorporates two discrete pulses. The first is a preheated long pulse that safely heats the tissue; the second short pulse effectively destroys the hair follicle and its surrounding vasculature.

1. NO PAIN !!

2. Safety : 808 Diode Laser can avoid the side effect of strong light, and at the same time its operation difficulties reduced largely.

3. Effect : Suitable to a wilder range of customers, instant treatment effect, long-term effect

4. Service : As it avoided various kinds of side-effects, the treatment becomes more private and comfortable.

5. Cost : durable consumable material, low treatment consuming cost.

6. No pigmentation, used for any skin types :Terminator hair removal system uses penetrate technology and skin absorbs less laser and no pigmentation.