20W High Power 445NM focusing laser etching 3.3V laser Engraving Module Tube Parts for DIY Woodworking


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Engraving Module Tube 450nm High Power Etcher Replacement Parts for DIY Woodworking L9



Ensure engraving with good durability and high efficiency.
Applications: Paper cutting, woodworking (<5mm), deepth engraving, g-code drawing, etc.
Engraving materials: wood, gray paper card, non-transparent plastic, leather, paint pcba, etc.
It can adjust the focusing, easy to use.
Made of durable material,anti-corrosion and wear resistance.
Material: Metal
Power: 3500mW
Wave Length: 450nm
Input: 12V 3A(About 20W)
PWM: 20KHz/3.3V
Temperature Sensor: yes
Focusing range: 40mm-60mm(50mm is best)
Focusing Diameter: 0.05mm


Package Includes:

1x Module