405nm 200mW laser LD Sone SLD3237VFR




405nm 200mW laser LD Sone SLD3237VFR


High quality 405nm laser diode, made in Japan. SLD3237VFR-51 is used for Blu-ray Disc, high power 405nm laser diode. SONE 200mW 405nm laser diode/ CW 335MW push/SLD3237VFR. SLD series of laser diodes are 405nm blue violet laser diodes,  made by Sone Company in Japan.
High power maximum pulse 335MW
Single Mode
OT 3.8mm, Maximum Ratings
Power Po: 200mW (CW) 335mW (Pulse)
Pulse width 25ns or less
Duty: 50%
Reverse voltage: VR  LD  2 V
Operating temperature: Topr 0 – +90℃ 
Storage temperature: Tstg -40 – +90℃ 
Blu-ray disc recorder
AIGainN quantum well structure laser diode
High brightness of LDs, SLDs work as a high-brightness light source Which compensates for the weakness of LDs such as coherent noise. SLDs are used for optical applied measurements and medical imaging.
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