500mW 808nm Laser Diode 9mm



500mW 808nm Laser Diode 9mm

High quality 500mW infrared 808nm laser diode with size of 9mm (Diameter ), continuous output powr of 0.5W, made in Korea. It can be used in many applications.

Wavelength: 808nm
Dimensions: 9mm
Output Power:CW 500mW
Can Type: T018(9mm)
Place of Origin:Taiwan
Operating Voltage: 2.2V
Operating Current: <650mA Life Time: > 10000 hours
Laser pin diode with 3 pins.

The applicatioin for the laser diode is for an illuminator for the ophthalmic imaging device . The wavelength and optical power are important. The 808nm diode is used for an ICG fluorescence application. At this point, we are comparing the 780nm and 808nm as well as the 0.2 watt vs the 1.o watt emission.


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