635nm 2mW Coaxial Packaged SM Diode Laser


635nm 2mW Coaxial Packaged SM Diode Laser

635nm wavelength
2mW output power
4μm fiber core diameter
0.13 N.A.  Power PD
1040nm-1200nm feedback protection

Aiming beam for fiber laser
Printing application
Medical use
Scientific research


CW Output Power: 2mW

Threshold current: 34mA

Operating current: 65mA

Operating voltage: 2.5V

Reverse Voltage: 2V

Slope Efficiency: 0.26W/A

Electrical-to-Optical Efficiency: 1%

Center wavelength: 625nm~645nm

Spectral width(FWHM): 3nm

Back reflection wavelength: 1040~1200nm

Back reflection isolation: 30db

Wavelength Shift with Temperature: 0.2nm/℃

Fiber Data:

Buffer diameter: 250μm

Cladding diameter: 125μm

Core diameter: 4μm

Numeric aperture: 0.13NA

Fiber length:0.9~1.1

connector: FC(APC)/SC(APC) /SMA905/ST

Fiber Bend Radius: 40mm


ESD:  500V

Storage Temperature(Non-operating): -20~70

Lead Soldering Temp: 260℃

Lead Soldering Time: 10sec

Operating Case Temperature: 15~35℃

Relative Humidity: 15~75%

Please kindly check the datasheet:

635nm 2mW Coaxial Packaged SM Diode Laser