940nm 10W Fiber Coupled Diode Laser



940nm 10W Fiber Coupled Diode Laser

940nm wavelength
10W output power
105µm fiber core diameter
0.22N.A.  1040nm-1200nm feedback protection
Laser pumping
Medical Use
Material Processing

Optical Data:

CW-Output Power: 10w

Center Wavelength: 940±10nm

Spectral Width (FWHM): 6nm

Wavelength Shift with Temperature: 0.3nm/℃

Wavelength Shift with Current: 1nm/A

Electrical Data:

Electrical-to-Optical Efficiency: 48%

Operating Current:12~13A

Threshold Current: 0.9A

Operating Voltage: 1.6~2V

Slope Efficiency: 0.9

Fiber Data:

Core diameter: 105μm

Cladding diameter: 125μm

Buffer diameter: 250μm

Numeric aperture: 0.22

Total Fiber length:0.9~1m

Fiber Loose Tubing Diameter/Length: 0.9mm PVC 1.5cm

Minimum Bending Radius: 60mm

Fiber termination:no

Feedback Isolation:

Wavelength Range:1040~1200nm

Isolation: 30dB


ESD:  500V

Storage Temperature(Non-operating): -20~70

Lead Soldering Temp: 260℃

Lead Soldering Time: 10sec

Operating Case Temperature: 15~35℃

Relative Humidity: 15~75%

Please kindly check the datasheet:

940nm 10W Fiber Coupled Diode Laser