650nm Laser Pigtailed LD FC/PC,FC/APC,SC,LC



650nm Laser Pigtailed LD FC/PC,FC/APC,SC,LC

650nm red laser module / pigtailed / swap / 1 ~ 50mw output power adjustable. There are kinds of the connectors (interfaces), such as FC/PC, FC/APC,SC, LC . It can be customized according to your requirements. The price is for 20mW output , contact us if you need lower power.

650nm quantum wells LD
Built-in backlight monitor PD
Plug or coaxial pigtail-package
High output power
Low threshold current
Stable and reliable performance
LD longer service life

Optical Instrumentation
Industrial control
Optical fiber transmission

Technical Specifications:
Optical output Voltage:1-20 mW
Threshold Current: 5-55 mA
Working Current : 20-85 mA
Working Voltage: 2.5-3 V
Rise/fall time: 0.5 ns
PD current : 0.1-0.2 mA

Rated Limit Value:
LD reverse voltage: 2 V
PD reverse voltage: 25 V
Operating temperature: -40-+85 ℃
Storage temperature: -50-+100 ℃
Soldering temperature: 240/10 ℃/s


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