808nm High-Power Laser Diode(AL808T200)



808nm High-Power Laser Diode(AL808T200)

Output power : 0.2w(CM)
Variety of stripe width
Efficient quantum well structure
Solid-state laser pumping
Medical usage
Beacons and Illumination
Free-space communication
Infrared light sources
CW output power(mW) : 200
Peak wavelength(nm): 808±5
Spectral width(nm): ≦5
Threshold current(A) :≦0.1
Operating current(A): ≦0.45
Operation voltage(V): 1.6~2.2
Slope efficiency(W/A) : ≧0.9
Beam divergence(W/A) : 12/40
Wavelength temperature coefficient(nm/℃)
Emitting area(μm): 50
Serial resistance: ≦1.5
Lifetime(h): 10000
Package: TO-18

The applicatioin for the laser diode is for an illuminator for the ophthalmic imaging device . The wavelength and optical power are important. The 808nm diode is used for an ICG fluorescence application. At this point, we are comparing the 780nm and 808nm as well as the 0.2 watt vs the 1.o watt emission.


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