VCSEL 940nm 25W Pulsed Diode for Multichannel Lidars Range Finder Sensors


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940nm 25W Pulsed VCSEL Diode

●940nm Multimode VCSEL
●Good thermal conduction
●Oxide isolation technology
●Short rise time
●High reliability
●Easy to collimate


● Multichannel Lidars

● Range finder sensors

● Laser curtain

● 3D detection

● Proximity sensors

● Military applications

.Absolute Maximum Ratings

Parameter Rating
Storage Temperature -40 to 105℃
Case Operating Temperature -20 to 80℃
Relative Humidity 10% to 85%
Reverse Power Supply Voltage 5V
Maximum Forward  Pulse Current 90A(Duty cycle 0.1% max.)
ESD Exposure(Human Body Model) 1000V


Ⅱ.Electro-Optical Characteristics(Top 25, pulsewidth 8.8ns at 11.68 kHz

VCSEL Parameters Conditions Symbol Unit Min. Typ. Max.
Pulse Optical Power If=81 A Po W 20 25 30
Threshold Current Ith A 0.1
Forward Pulse Current A 81
Emission Area um 370*371
Peak Wavelength Po=25 W nm 930 940 950
Pulse Forward Voltage If=81 A VF V 36 37 38
Series Resistance If=81 A R Ω 0.44 0.46 0.47
Beam Angle If=81 A Degrees 20
Wavelength Shift If=81 A nm/℃ 0.07
Rise Time Tr ns 2.8
Soldering Temperature 260(10s)
Duty Cycle % 0.1
Substrate Al2O3



Ⅲ.Environmental Specifications

Parameter Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Units Ref.
Case Operating Temp Top -20 20 80
Storage Temp Tsto -40 20 105


Ⅳ.LIV Graph

Ⅴ.Pulse and Wavelength

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