Acousto-optic Modulator IR AOM Fiber Coupled 2000nm Pulse 10kW


Acousto-optic Modulator IR AOM with Fiber Coupled Pigtail, for wavelength 2000nm laser, Peak Optical Power Pulsed as high as 10kW. Whole Unit for your applications, including Fiber AOM, RF Driver, and the fibers, the power supply plugin.


Acousto-optic Modulator IR AOM Fiber Coupled 2000nm Peak Optical Power Pulse 10kW

Interaction Material:Tellurium dioxide
Signal Wavelength:2000nm (IR AOM)
Operating Wavelength Range:+-30nm
Ultrasonic Velocity:4200m/s
Insertion Loss:2.5dB
Extinction Ratio(Turn On / Off):55dB
Polarization Extinction Ratio:18dB
Return Loss:40dB
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR): 1.5:1
Average Optical Power:0.5W
Peak Optical Power (Pulse): 1kW
Input impedance:50
RF Power:2.5W
Device Interface:SMA Fiber
Fiber Type:PM1550
Fiber Length:1m
Fiber Connector:FC/APC
Operating Temperature℃:20 ~ +60
Storage Temperature℃:30 ~ +70

This is fiber coupled 2000nm AOM, if you need free space AOM or other 2000nm AOM, check this category for more 2000nm IR AOM.

And this fiber coupled acousto optic modulator 2000nm can be customized according to your requirements.


fiber coupled 2000nm IR AOM in one unit


With the following RF driver included.


fiber coupled AOM RF drivers