BeamQ 1W Laser Module Grenn Laser Diodess 520nm DPSS Laser Head


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1W Laser Module  Grenn Laser Diodess  520nm DPSS Laser Head

Wholesale laser module , high quality and cheap price

Model: 1000MW520
Wavelengh: 520nm
Output Power: more than 1000mW
Beam Mode: TEM00 Round  spot
Beam Divergence: less than 1mrad
Laser Grade: Class 3
Modulation Mode: TTL or Analogue Optional
Input Voltage: 7.8V
Input Current: 1900mA
Lifetime:10 000
Size: 40X40X80mm
Weight: 150g
Features of the laser module:


1. The spot is fine and clear, the divergence angle is small, the collimation is good, and the volume is small.


2, temperature control, drive and laser are fully integrated, compact and compact, external DC power supply


3, through high and low temperature storage and vibration shock test, with reliable stability, the temperature can be stable for 24 hours in the range of -10 ~ 40 degrees.


4, precision scientific heat dissipation design, two-way temperature control and perfect temperature protection function can extend the life of the laser as much as possible.