BeamQ high efficiency light transmission 15W 15000mW blue laser module DIY laser head for CNC laser engraving machine


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Technical Parameters                               
Laser + fan total length: 105mm
Shell material: high-density aluminum
Module center material: copper
Shell size: 40 × 40 × 70mm
Optical power output: 15W
Laser wavelength: 450nm
Optical lens material: D-ZK3 efficient light transmittance
Power supply voltage: 12V
Power control: PWM TTL
Supply current: 4.2A
Interface specification: 3 pin line 2.54
Light shape: spot-shaped fixed focus
New innovative laser technology: the finest focus is between 0.2-0.3
New light source upgrade: the effect of engraving on stainless steel is obvious HD
New heat dissipation method: high-speed dual-ball fan cooling 13,000 revolutions per minute, safer and more durable
New extension: 168 hours of continuous working life 10500
Package Included
1_laser 1_red goggles 1_3-pin cable 1_fixed focus aluminum block。 Free gifts for carving stainless steel and reflective items. Blacking tool

(Now the company has launched a new one-to-one service, laser head, due to the large demand of various industries and applications are also relatively wide, so in a limited wattage, the power is distributed to other fields to apply to cause the power of the application you need decreases ,
If you are customized for the items you need to apply, you should put all the laser power on the items you need to apply, so the engraving and cutting, the effect is more powerful, and the time can be used Will be longer,
At present, all the laser heads on the market can only cut up to 3mm balsa wood. If you are a customized laser head, you can cut 5mm-6mm balsa wood. The cutting speed is also improved.
If you are used to carve wood, the effect is also very powerful, or the carving of stainless steel is also very powerful, the cutting speed is also improved, according to your needs to customize, the effect will be very ideal,
If you have a laser head that you are interested in, you can place an order, and then leave us a message about your needs, or if your needs need to communicate with us, you can communicate with you before placing an order.
Our company is currently the most advanced, the most technical and the most powerful in the laser head industry. Our company’s OEM compatible production services. )

If you still don’t contact us after ordering, we will ship according to the laser head we usually use when shipping, thank you

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