C-band Tunable SLED Light Source DFB Laser DFB-C-WT Type



C-band tunable SLED Light Source DFB laser DFB-C-WT type

The DFB-C-WTx tunable laser is a continuous light (CW) output designed for DWDM dense wavelength division multiplexing systems, and the wavelength tuning range covers the fixed wavelength interval of the C Band (ITU-T standard wavelength standard) (channel spacing 50 GHz) A benchtop tunable laser source. The built-in laser component integrates a dual FP cavity temperature tuning etalon with high output optical power (20mW), narrow linewidth, and high wavelength accuracy. Embedded DSP processor and wavelength locking unit, optimized frequency stabilization mechanism makes the wavelength frequency error less than 1.5GHz, power stability less than 0.3dB, power difference less than 0.5dB in the full wavelength range.


Optical fiber sensing system
Biomedical imaging
Fiber optic passive device measurement
Wavelength division multiplexing device test
Spectral analysis

Product features: 

Dense wavelength division multiplexing systems

Maximum output power 20mw

polarization-maintaining output PER better than 20dB

High side mode rejection ratio (typically 50dB)


Technical Parameters
Parameter C-band wavelength tunable light source
Operating wavelength range (nm):   1529.16~1563.86
-3dB bandwidth (HZ): <5M
Output power (dBm): 7.0~13.0
Short-term stability (dB): <±0.005dB/5 min
Long-term stability (dB) :<±0.02dB/8 hour
Light source operating mode continuous light output
Pigtailed polarization-maintaining or single-mode fiber

Connector FC/UPC or FC/APC

Working temperature -20 ° C ~ 40 ° C

Storage temperature -30 ° C ~ 70 ° C

Relative temperature 20% – 80%

Power supply AC100-250V±10%, 50-60Hz, 20W

Dimensions (mm) 320mm × 210mm × 88mm

Note: The stability test conditions are after room temperature 25 ± 2 ° C and warm-up for 30 minutes.

Operation guide

A. The LCD display area will display the current channel, wavelength and power value.
B. Power switch, switch output 220 power supply.
C. Button adjustment area, Active activates and deactivates the light output, Mode switches the wavelength and power tuning mode, UP and DOWN adjust to increase the output.
D. Light output, FC FF output, FC/APC polarization-maintaining fiber connector. Pay attention to the end face protection.

No. Item Unit Indicator requirements Measured data
1 laser type C-band tunable laser
2 working wavelength nm 1530-1560 1529.16~1560.61
3 Output optical power dBm ≥10.0 7.0 – 13.0
4 side mode suppression ratio dB >40 50
5 line width MHz <5 1.0
6 adjustable interval GHz 50 50
7 Number of output channels CH >80 80
8 output optical power short-term stability
(5 minutes, constant temperature, continuous light output) dB ≤±0.005 ±0.005
9 output optical power long-term stability
(8 hours, 25±2°C, continuous light output) dB ≤±0.02 ±0.01
10 output connector SMF – FC/APC