Femtolaser Pulsed Fiber Laser(1035-5)




Femtolaser pulsed fiber laser(1035-5)

• Integrated design with light and electricity
• Can achieve quasi-continuous output (~50MHz)
• One-touch operation without any adjustment buttons
• Built-in optical isolation device with built-in monitoring photocell
• Linear polarization output possible
• Remote control, maintenance free

A stable, reliable femtosecond pulsed fiber laser developed and manufactured for OEM and R&D applications. Guaranteed to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Adopting integrated design of light and electricity, it can realize quasi-continuous output (~50MHz), one-button operation, without any adjustment button, built-in optical isolation device, can realize linear polarization output, built-in monitoring photoelectric tube, remote control, maintenance-free .

Application areas:

Suitable for bioimaging (optical genetics, multiphoton imaging), life sciences (cardiovascular stenting, tissue ablation, ophthalmic surgery), polymer processing and processing, material micromachining, 3D optical storage, direct writing lithography, etc. .

The main parameters:

Parameters SPECIFICATIONS 1035-5
Center wavelength Center Wavelength 1035nm
Output power Output Power 5W
Pulse energy Pulse Energy 2.5μJ@2MHz
Repetition frequency Repetition Rate 100kHz to 5MHz
Pulse width Pulse Width <400fs
Beam quality Spatial Mode TEM00, M2≤1.3
Spot divergence angle Beam Divergence <1mrad,2θ
Spot roundness Beam Circularity ≥90%
Beam diameter Beam Diameter 3±1mm, 1/e2
Polarization ratio Polarization Ratio >100:1
Polarization direction Polarization Direction Horizontal
Pulse energy stability Pulse Energy Stability <2%RMS
Power Stability Power Stability <2%RMS
Startup time Warm-up Time <45min(Cold Start)
<15min(Warm Start)
External interface External Comms RS-232, Ethernet, USB
Working environment temperature (non-condensing) Operating Temperature (Non-condensing) 20 to 30°C
Working environment humidity Operating Humidity <90%
Storage temperature Non-Operation(Storage) Temperature -20 to 60°C
Storage Humidity Non-Operation(Storage) Humidity <90%
Options Options Optional 111nJ@45MHz