Fluorescent Glass Cuvette Light Path 10mm Four Side Clear Windows High Light Transmission Frit Sintering Technology 2 / PK


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Material: Glass
Color: Transparent
Height: 45mm
OD: 12.5mm*12.5mm
ID: 10mm* 10mm
Light Path: 10mm
Volume: 3.5ml
Transmissive light: Four sides transmissive light
Package: 2 /PK

This product is made of glass material by high temperature melt sintering. It can acid and alkali-resistant, corrosion-resistant, not unglued deformation, very durable. 

Please pay attention to the following notes when using:
1. When taking cuvette, please use finger contact with frosted glass on either side to avoid contact with the optical surface. Please pay attention to take light put, prevent the influence of the external force contrast cuvette, it will produce damage after stress.
2. When using cuvette, two translucent surfaces should be completely parallel and vertically placed in cuvette holder to ensure that incident vertical light is perpendicular to the translucent surface, it can avoid the loss of retroreflection of the light and ensure the optical path retention.
3. Optical surface can not contact with hard objects or dirt, when containing solution, the height is 2/3 of the cuvette. If the optical surface of residual liquid, please use filter paper to absorb clean, and then wipe with lens cleaning paper or silk.
4. Do not store corrosive glass solution in cuvettes for a long time. The cuvette should be rinsed with water immediately after use. If necessary, soak with 1: 1 hydrochloric acid, and then rinse with water. Do not put the cuvette on flame or electric stove for heating or put into drying oven to grill.