Focusable 980nm 100mW Infra-Red IR Dot/Line Laser Diode Module w 5V Adapter


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1230-1240-1245-AC_9Focusable 980nm 100mW Infra-Red IR Line Laser Diode Module w 5V Adapter

Please note that this is IR Lasers which can not be seen by naked eyes.You can get the light by night vision camera or IR detection card.

Output Power:100mw
Working Voltage:DC5V
Working Current:I <200mA
Working Temperature:+15 ℃~+35 ℃
Laser Shape:Line(120 degrees as default)/Dot(you can get rectangular dot spot after takine off the line lens)

Dimension:12x30mm or 12x40mm

1.Two-wire input, the red line is positive, black line is negative.
2.This 980nm laser module with driver built-in is an industrial electronic component and used for Industrial testament, Lab.Before carrying on some laser DIY activities, please read about the technical information first and protect your eyes before laser ray. Be sure the operator has experience in optics DIY or testing.
3.Please wear 980nm laser protection goggles when you work on it.
4.We have UK-plug,US-plug and EU-plug adapters in our store.And we will ship it for you randomly if you don't leave us any message.

1pc Powerful 980nm 100mW Infra-Red IR Line Laser Diode Module
1pc 5V adapter