L0116 semiconductor laser driver DFB VCSEL LD driver can modulate current controlled constant temperature.


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1. Drive circuit application function

1)Dual circuit temperature control circuit, includingLDInternal temperature control precision control and externalTECAuxiliary control function. The internal high precision temperature control makes the output wavelength stable. The external temperature control makes the temperature difference between the laser and the environment too high.LDIt is still in a long-term high performance steady state.LDHeat dissipation is too slow to cause control or even damage of temperature controlLD.

2)LDCurrent control. It has internal adjustment bias current and external input modulation voltage to control the current waveform function.I LD = IOFFSET+ Vin * G;(GFor conductance, parameters see interface description)

Two. Drive circuit protection function

1) electrostatic protection:LDDuring the period of no operation, the cathode and anode are protected from electrostatic hazards, and the pins are short circuited.

2Overcurrent protection: the maximum protection current can be set.Overcurrent indication

3) surge voltage protection:LDDuring operation, it is protected from surge (transient, pulse) voltage.TVSTube protection;

4) reverse voltage protection:LDDuring operation, it is protected from reverse voltage. (parallel Schottky diode).

5) soft start: At the moment of electricity,LDThe current should be monotonous and slow.

6) soft turn off: power off moment,LDThe current needs to be monotonous and slow down

7TECProtection: short circuit and circuit breaker of thermistorTECShut off

Three. Electrical performance requirements

Output current range:

0-200mA(small current edition)0-10mA

Output current noise:

10MuA(small current edition)1MuA

Ambient temperature range-10DegreeC-60DegreeC

Temperature control range: 0-50 (c)

Control accuracy: 0.02 C (reflected to TDLAS system for long time absorption peak stability)

input voltageCurrent conversion coefficient1V – 66.6mA(small current edition)1V – 3.33mA