Murata Electronics LFD181G57DP6B913



Applications: WLAN
Center Frequency{P1}(f1) :1575.50MHz
Frequency Range{P1}(f1) :1574.00MHz to 1577.00MHz
Center Frequency{P2}(f2) :2450.00MHz
Frequency Range{P2}(f2): 2400.00MHz to 2500.00MHz
Insertion Loss I)(P1-P3 in f1) :0.65dB max. (at 25℃)
Insertion Loss II)(P1-P3 in f1): 0.75dB max. (-40 to +85℃)
Insertion Loss I)(P2-P3 in f2): 0.8dB max. (at 25℃)
Insertion Loss II)(P2-P3 in f2) :0.9dB max. (-40 to +85℃)
Attenuation{P1-P3}(in f2): 20dB min.
Attenuation{P2-P3}(in f1): 20dB min.
VSWR{P1}(in f1) : 2.0 max.
VSWR{P2}(in f2) : 2.0 max.
VSWR{P3}(in f1,f2) : 2.0 max.
Power Capacity: 3W
Operating Temperature Range:  -40℃ to 85℃
L x W (size) : 1.60×0.80mm
Thickness(max.) : 0.7mm

Datasheet: LFD181G57DP6B913

More Information: Murata Electronics LFD181G57DP6B913




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