NEJE 30W laser module cutting kit fixed focal length Engraving Cutting


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NEJE 30W laser module cutting kit fixed focal length sliding focus for Engraving Cutting


1. Designed for general-purpose laser engraving, laser cutting, 3D printer, Arduino and other CNC equipment

2. 3.3-12V Laser TTL adjustable power. The adjustable output power make it available for several materials. That’s good for your DIY work.

3. There are wide applications. It has 3 input interface designs, DC12V+TTL, 3Pin 2.54 interface, 3pin connection port.

4. 30W electric power, 7.5W optical power output, can be directly upgraded on the basis of NEJE Master2 20W, if it is 7W and 3500mw customers need to replace the 12V3A power adapter
5. Fixed focus design, you only need to pad a 6mm spacer on the bottom and lock the screw to adjust the focus
6. 30mm size, does not affect the engraving area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNEJE Master2
7. vision protection
8. Modified laser air assist
9. Intelligent drive, able to detect temperature and dynamically adjust the fan speed, making it quieter when not in use.
10. 15000 rpm double ball high speed fan, stronger heat dissipation performance
11. 60mm built-in threaded copper core, add heat dissipation silicone grease, safe temperature control, NEJE 48-hour aging test

Package List

30W single module
sliding card slot
L wrench
L-shaped small wrench
interface adapter board
4pin laser line
3pin 2.54 interface output cable
2pin ttl control line

Additional information

Output Power

30W, 50W