NUBM08 Nichia 455nm 38w Laser array



NUBM08 Nichia 455nm 38w Laser array

Absolute Maximum Ratings:

Forward Current:3.0A
Allowable Reverse Current:85mA
Storage Temperature:-40~ 85°C
Operating Case Temperature:0~ 60°C

Initial Electrical/Optical Characteristics:

Optical Output Power:If=2.3A Symbol Po Min 3.4 Typ.(3.5) Unit W
Dominant Wavelength:If=2.3A Symbol λd Min 440 Typ.(448) Unit nm
Threshold Current:CW Symbol Ith Min 200 Typ.270 Max 350 Unit mA
Slope Efficiency:CW Symbol η Min 1.5 Typ.1.7 Max 2.0 Unit W/A
Operating Voltage:If=2.3A Symbol Vop Min 4.0 Typ.4.3 Max 4.7 Unit V
Beam Divergence:Parallel:If=2.3A Symbol θ// Min 10 Type (14) Max 20 Unit deg.
Beam Divergence:Perpendicular:If=2.3A Symbol θ⊥ Min 40 Type (46) Max 20 Unit deg.
Beam Pointing Accuracy:If=2.3A Symbol Δθ⊥ Min -3 Max 3 Unit deg.


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