Picosecond Mode-Locked Fiber Seed Lasers




  • Spontaneous shock
  • Light, electricity
  • One-button operation
  • Optical fiber transmission
  • Linear polarization output
  • Built-in optical isolation device
  • Built-in monitoring photocell
  • Remote control, maintenance free

Picosecond Mode-Locked Fiber Seed Lasers, independently developed and manufactured by the company, are suitable for OEM or R&D applications. They can be turned on at one touch and maintenance-free, ensuring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. . It can be used as a seed source for picosecond laser amplifiers, and can also be applied to fields including microfabrication, terahertz, multiphoton spectroscopy, ultrafast spectroscopy, metrology, and the like.


Spontaneous shock Self-starting mode-locking
Light and electricity integration Optics and electronics in one box
One-click operation One button operation
Fiber Optic Transmission Fiber delivery
No built-in amplifier, no ASE noise Linearly polarized output
Line Polarization Output Built-in optical isolator
Built-in optical isolation device Built-in monitoring photo-detector
Built-in surveillance photocell Remote control,Maintenance free
remote control, maintenance free


picosecond laser amplifier seed source Seed Source for Picosecond Laser Amplifier
Micromachining Micro-Machining
Terhutz Tera-Hertz
Multiphoton Spectroscopy Multiphoton spectroscopy
Ultrafast Spectroscopy Ultrafast Spectroscopy
Metrics Metrology


Model Model Olive-S
Center wavelength Center Wavelength 1064.3±0.5 nm
(Optional: 1030-1064nm)
Spectrum width Bandwidth <0.5 nm
Pulse width Pulse Width < 10ps
(Optional: 2-50ps)
Average power Average Output Power >25 mW
Repetition frequency Pulse Repetition Rate 30±5 MHz
Laser output Laser Output SM Fiber Coupling FC/APC
(Optional: FC/UPC)
Synchronous electrical signal output Sync Signal Output SMA connector
Polarization extinction ratio Polarization Extinction Ratio >20 dB
Amplitude Noise Amplitude Noise <1% rms
Working temperature Operation Temperature +10 to 40 °C
Power Input Voltage 12V DC
heat dissipation Heat Release < 10W
Fiber Fiber 750px Fiber Patchcord
Size Laser Dimensions 200×130×50 mm3
Weight Laser Weight <1.2 kg