RGB Laser White Laser DPSS for Laser Projection Displays



RGB Laser White Laser DPSS for Laser Projection Displays

Details:The first RGB white DPSS laser in the world ! We made red laser, green laser and blue laser into one laser. The 500mW white laser is the first RGB laser you can find. The product is the newest, please contact us if you need to know more details about it.

Output power: 500mW
Wavelength: RGB Laser


Host size:  106mm *  76mm *  47mm

Circuit size: 63mm *  42.2mm * 23mm

Output wavelength: 450 /658/532nm
Output power: blue, red and green, respectively, power is 100mW 220mW 130mW

After the synthesis of power: measured three kinds of light through the lens after the power 240-250mW

Cooling method: aluminum heat and air cooling

Modulation frequency: modulatable

Working characteristics: Can work continuously

Surface treatment: black

Shell material: aluminum

Circuit Control: Constant Current

Reverse connection protection: with automatic identification of positive and negative
Working voltage: DC=12V
Working current: I<1.5A

Warm-up time: no

Working temperature: -10 ° C ~ +40 ° C
Storage temperature: -10 ° C ~ +40 ° C

Structural features: laser tube + lens + drive protection circuit + heat sink + fan cooling

Remarks: The power supply is external.