Homemade Laser Maze

The homemade laser maze are the Challenge game with laser beams in one room. You may see it in the movie Resident Evil 4 or others. 

How much does a laser maze cost?
How much does the Laser Maze Challenge cost? In general, prices range from $30,000-80,000 (USD), including full installation, maze training, and marketing tools to get you started

But for personal home made laser maze. The cost is about 200-800$.

Here we will make a homemade laser maze. The old laser maze use several laser beam producers, and they also need a special room for lasers, like the following laser maze.

A typical laser maze is a rectangular room filled with a web of laser beams which players attempt to negotiate without “tripping” one of the beams. The idea behind the game comes from movies like the 1999 blockbuster film Entrapment, starring Catherine Zeta Jones and Sean Connery, Mission Impossible, and Ocean’s 12.

We need a laser module + several mirrors + a light sensor to make a laser maze.

The laser module is Square shape long working 5V DC powered green laser, that means it can be working for several hours. We recommend low power laser for beginners , such as 100mW.

You need a green safety goggles while working on this project.

1) Think about the beam network, that how you want the laser beam goes through the room.

2) Fix the laser module, you need to fix it tightly, as if the laser moves, the laser beam will move.

3) Fix the mirrors through the laser beams step by step.

4) Fix the light sensor at the end of the laser beam

Laser Maze Game Challenge Green Entrapment Lasers for Homemade

Laser Tag is a multiplayer activity, in which 2 teams will be there and they have to shoot the opponent with a laser gun. While, Laser Maze consists of 1 team, which includes multiple players going through a maze of Laser in order to complete a task.

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