Laser Module

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What is a laser module?

In the laser display industry the term “laser module” stands for a device that emits a single static laser beam of single or multiple wavelengths – or colours if we talk about the visible spectrum of light. But some people think that the laser module is the laser parts for CNC or other systems.

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modules containing diode lasers, and possibly also some optics, cooling devices, electrical elements, etc. … Cooling arrangements: for high powers, a laser diode module can facilitate the cooling, e.g. by offering a metallic surface which can easily be mounted on a cooler.

Thorlabs offers compact laser modules equipped with a USB connector, phono jack, or bare wire leads. Each USB-equipped laser module has collimated output at 520 or 635 nm, an on/off switch, and a built-in highly attenuating electrical filter to eliminate noise in the laser output, regardless of the power supply used.

quarton created a Laser Modules Selection Table for their products here.

The laser module in aliexpress have a low price for wholesale. This laser module has been manufactured to fit your gm vehicle, providing the same performance, durability, and service life you expect from general motors. It is a gm-recommended replacement for your vehicles original component. Laser engraved with the state of the art heat seal to ensure crisp, vibrant colors and maintain the factory output.

Superior Performance in a Small Package in Coherent . From plug-and-play, compact UV, visible, and near-IR lasers, to top hat profile lasers, to wavelength stabilized modules, Coherent diode laser modules offer the highest quality performance with proven reliability for diverse applications.