Photodetector 2.5mm Silicon PIN Diode

Photodetector 2.5mm Silicon PIN Diode with high response and low dark current. The prices are not for wholesalers, if you want to place the bulk order > 100 pcs. Please contact us for wholesale prices.


 High responseivity
 High speed
 Low dark current
 Low capacitance
 Flat window


 Optical communications
 Laser ranging
 Industrial automatic control
 Optical power meter
 Science analysis and experiment

Absolute maximum ratings:

Operating temperature: -40~+100 ℃
Storage temperature: -45~+125 ℃
Forward current: 10 mA
Reverse current: 1000 uA

Electrical and optical characteristics:(T=25℃, Vr=10V)
parameter symbol unit Value(typ.)
Active area Φ mm 2.5×2.5
Spectral range λ nm 400-1100
Responsivity Re (λ=1064nm ) mA/mW 0.25
Re (λ=905nm ) mA/mW 0.5
Re(λ=650nm) mA/mW 0.25
Response time Tr (RL=50Ω,905nm) ns 30
Dark current ID nA 2
Reverse Breakdown voltage VBR (IR=100uA) V 170
Junction capacitance Cj (f=1MHz) pF 25
Operating voltage VR v 0-15
package TO-5

Photodetector 2.5mm Silicon PIN Diode