Fiber Coupled Laser

Fiber Coupled Laser Fiber Coupled Laser Diodes couple the laser light from the laser diode into a optical fiber. Coupling the output of a laser diode into an optical fiberRead More

Differences between DBR & DFB Lasers

DBR and DFB lasers are the two most familiar and most used lasers with high power single frequency. Both of these lasers have distinct applications in various industries. The highRead More

940nm vcsel

VCSEL Laser News: Design of 940-nm VCSEL with metastructure 940nm Multi Mode High Power VCSEL Array 940nm Multi Mode High Power VCSEL Array   vcsel laser applications 850/940-nm VCSEL forRead More

nanoplus ICLs and MIR LEDs

The latest expansion of growth capacities enabled the exploration of various design variations within the active region of our Interband Cascade Lasers (ICLs). Together with a revised chip design weRead More

Si Photodiodes

Si Photodiodes Si photodiodes manufactured utilizing our unique semiconductor process technologies cover a broad spectral range from the near infrared to ultraviolet and even to high-energy regions. They also featureRead More

2um 2000nm 2μm Diode

2um 2000nm 2μm Diodes   800nm-2600nm 0.3mm InGaAs PIN photodiode Description Features:  Low noise, High reliability  800-2600nm wide wavelength range  Active diameter 0.3mm  Hermetic package TO46Read More