1.4W-2W 445nm Nichia Laser Diode NDB 7775 NDB7775



1.4W-2W 445nm Nichia Laser Diode NDB 7775 NDB7775


Output Power: 1600(mW) min 1400mW

Transerve model:Multi-model

Operation Model:CW


Beam Quality(M2):<1.5

Power Stability <5%(rms,over 4hours)

Pointing Stability:<5%(mrad,after warm up)

Warm up Time:<1(minutes)

Beam Divergence: <1.5(mrad,full angle)

Beam Diameter:<1.5(mm,at beam aperture after collimation lens)

Opeartion Tempearture:10-35(°C)

Input Voltage:<5.5VDC

Input Current:<1.8A 1800mA

Package TO5 9mm


  1. Only for experts and users who know it well.
  2. Duty cycle without heatsink: 5 seconds on, 1 seconds off.
  3. Working life: testing life with heatsink.
  4. 6 Months warranty.
  5. DO NOT use it for long time without heatsink.


(1)Absolute Maximum Rantings

Item Symbol Absolute Maximum Ratings Unit
Forward Current If 1.7 A
Allowable Reverse Current Ir(LD) 85 mA
Storage Temperature Tstg -40~85
Operating Case Temperature Tc 0~50

(2).Initial Electrical/Optical Characteristics

Item Symbol Test Condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Optical Output Power*2) Po If=1.2A 1.4 (1.6) W
Dominant Wavelength*3) λd If=1.2A 440 455 nm
Threshold Current Ith CW Operation 80 220 mA
Slope Efficiency η CW Operation 1.0 2.0 W/A
Operating Voltage Vop If=1.2A 3.7 5.5 V
Beam Divergence Parallel Θ∥ If=1.2A 5 (14) 25 o
Perpendicular Θ⊥ If=1.2A 30 (44) 50 o
Beam Pointing Accuracy Perpendicular ΔΘ⊥ If=1.2A -5.0 5.0 o
Lifetime Life *5) 20000 Hr


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