200nm-1100nm Miniature Fiber spectrometer BeamQus4000




200nm-1100nm Miniature Fiber spectrometer BeamQus4000

Product description:

BeamQus4000 series of micro-fiber spectrometer compact compact, plug and play, easy to operate, with advanced electronic systems and powerful detectors, high-speed data acquisition circuit system.
It is characterized by 16-bit A / D converter with enhanced auto-clear function (enhanced electronic dark current correction), 4K depth FIFO system and USB2.0 high-speed data transmission interface, you can quickly upload the data collected to the PC Machine data processing and display; with a variety of optical platform components, light source and sampling fiber, you can for thousands of absorption, reflection and emission measurement applications to build a variety of characteristics of the test system.
The BeamQus4000 series has a powerful electronic system: EEPROM storage correction system, easy to operate; with an electronic shutter, the integration time can be shortest to 1 millisecond, effectively avoid the detector saturation; signal to noise ratio can reach 1000: 1; optical resolution (FWHM) of 0.1 to 8.4 nm (depending on the selected grating and incident slit).
The BeamQus4000 series can be connected to a computer via the USB 2.0 interface. The characteristics of each spectrometer are stored in its memory; using professional test software, easy to read data and support heat exchange. Has a rich secondary development platform and related examples to develop software.

Wavelength range: 200nm-1100nm +-0.3nm
Wavelength bandwidth: 2nm
Stray light:
<0.02%(200nm Nal) <0.02%(340nm NaNO2) <1% (198nm KCL) Linearity: 0.1% Dynamic range: 1000:1 Power consumption: USB 2.0/480M Integration time: 1ms~60s Dimension: 128mm*70mm*50mm Weight: 190g Wavelength Range :200nm~1100nm Detector : ToshibaTCD1304DG Integration Time :1ms~60s Dynamic Range : 1300:1 Signal to Noise Ratio : 1000:1 Wavelength bandwidth :2nm (50um slit and 600 line gratings) Slit width : 50um Optical Resolution :0.1~8.4nm Stray light : <0.02%(200nm, Nal) <0.02%(340nm, NaNO2) <1% (198nm, KCL) Fiber optic Connector : SMA905 Power consumption :550mA@5VDC Strobe functions :Yes Interfaces : USB 2.0/480M Serial port: 32-bit Windows operating system Operational temperature : 25+-10℃ Humidity :40~60% Applications :Light source monitoring,Light source contrast,Absorbance, reflectivity, transmittance, light source test


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