200W-300L Air Cooling Fiber Lasers




200W-300L Air Cooling Fiber Lasers

Fiber lasers have developed rapidly in recent years because of their excellent beam quality, ease of system integration, reliability and maintenance-free advantages. Laser is committed to providing high quality laser products for laser processing applications such as cutting, welding, marking and 3D printing. its power can be?continuously adjustable, excellent beam quality, high power stability, electri-optical conversion efficiency, small size, reliability and maintenance-free.it is the ideal laser device for 3D printing.

Product features
■Adjustable power continuously, fast switching response
■High reliability, excellent beam quality
■High power stability
■High electro – optical conversion

Product parameters

Optical Characteristic Parameters

Characteristics Min. Max. Unit
Operation mode
Nominal Output power(MFSC-200W ) 200 W
Nominal Output power(MFSC-300L ) 250 W
Tuning range ofoutput power 10 100 %
Emission wavelength 1070 1090 nm
Spectrum width(3dB) 4 nm
Short-term power instability 3 %
Long-term power instability 5 %
Beam quality M2 1.2
Laser switching ON time 80 us
Laser switching OFF time 50 us
Modulation rate 50 KHz
Red guide laser power 150 uw
Feeding fiber cable length m
Feeding fiber core size um
Feeding fiber cable bending radius 200 mm
Output form
Characteristics Min. Max. Unit
Operating voltage 180 240 VAC
Normal power consumption(MFSC-200W) 1.2 kw
Operating Environment humidity 1.5 kw
Operating ambient temperature range 0 35
Operating ambient relative humidity 10 90 %
Cooling method
Storage tem. -10 60
Dimensions mm
Weight 35 kg


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