473nm DPSS Blue Laser 100mW



473nm DPSS Blue Laser 100mW
DPSS 473nm blue laser module with 100mW, the real blue laser, high quality and stability. The power supply is 100v-260v, just plug and play. The pure blue laser beam is very beautiful. You can see it at the video here.473nm DPSS blue laser systems with output power 100mW. The compact design, high reliability and ease of use make them an ideal choice for corporate and university research laboratories.

The DPSS laser has a manual knob to control the output power. It uses working current to adjust the power. 

Wavelength (nm)  473
Output Power (mW)  >100mW
Input Voltage (V)  AC 90~260
Operating Mode  CW
Cooling Mode  TEC & Fan
Transverse Mode  TEM00
M2 factor  <1.5
Beam Diameter at the Aperture (mm)    ~1.2
Divergence , Full angle (mrad)   <1.5
Power Stability (RMS/4 hrs)  <5%
Operating Temperature (centi-degree)  10~35
Modulation Mode    (TTL/ Analog)   Optional      ( up to 30kHz)
Power Supply Model  DHL-40A / OEM-40B
Laser Head Dimensions  (L*W*H, mm)  120 x 54 x 40
Laser Head Weight (g)  350
Power Supply Unit Weight (g)  600
Raman spectroscopy
Fluorescence excitation
Semiconductor surface inspection
Microscopy and diagnostic imaging
DNA sequencing and analysis
The power supply is 100v – 260v, just plug and play.
The 473nm blue laser head
473nm 100mW
The red and black lines are for laser modulation


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