976nm 9W Wavelength-Stabilized Fiber Coupled Diode Laser



976nm 9W Wavelength-Stabilized Fiber Coupled Diode Laser

 976nm wavelength
 9W output power
 105µm fiber core diameter
 0.22N.A.  Narrow bandwidth △≦0.7nm
 1040nm-1200nm feedback protection


Pumping of fiber lasers

pumping of ultrafast fiber lasers

Optical Data:

CW-Output Power:9W

Center Wavelength:976±0.5nm

Spectral Width (FWHM):<0.7nm

Wavelength Shift with Temperature: 0.02nm/℃

Wavelength Shift with Current: 0.03nm/A

Electrical Data:

Electrical-to-Optical Efficiency:48%

Operating Current:  12~13A

Threshold Current: 0.9A

Operating Voltage:  1.6~2

Slope Efficiency:0.8W/A

Fiber Data:

Core diameter: 105µm

Cladding diameter:125um

Buffer diameter: 250um

Numerical Aperture:0.22

Total Fiber Length:1m

Fiber Loose Tubing Diameter/Length:0.9mm PVC 15cmµm

Minimum Bending Radius:60nm

Fiber termination: None

Feedback Isolation:

Feedback Isolation: 1040~1200nm

Isolation: 30dB


ESD:  500V

Storage Temperature(Non-operating): -20~70

Lead Soldering Temp: 260℃

Lead Soldering Time: 10sec

Operating Case Temperature: 20~30℃

Relative Humidity: 15~75%


Diode Laser Subsystems

Beamq manufactures diode laser subsystems ranging from wavelength 450nm to 1550nm and the output can be up to 300 watt. The system can integrate several functions upon customizable request. Compact and operate-friendly designs make it very easy to use. To meet customer’s specific demanding and provide high quality products and laser solutions are our eternal pursuit

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