Femtolaser Fiber Laser-Product -50




laser is based on all fiber Femtolaser laser architecture, modular design, suitable for industrial 7×24 hours
High power ultrafast fiber lasers designed and developed for production needs and cutting-edge scientific research. Femtolaser
The total power for >50W, the minimum pulse width of 400fs, the pulse energy of >100uJ and 25kHz-5MHz spirit.
Live repetition rate. It has good spot pattern and high pulse energy stability, and can be applied to micro nano machining of materials.
It shows material cutting, brittle material cutting, MEMS production, integrated photonics, and many other fields.

Product application:

OLED module cutting.
Full screen cutting
Sapphire, ceramic plate cutting
Processing of composite film materials
Semiconductor wafer processing
Diaphragm cutting of lithium battery
Diamond processing

Product characteristics:

Average power >50W
Pulse width ~400fs-~6ps adjustable
Peak power >250MW
25kHz-5000kHz adjustable
Pulse energy >100 mu J
High beam quality: M <1.3
Support Burst pulse train function.

Product Femtolaser Fiber Laser-50
Central wavelength 1030nm
Total power 50W
Repetition rate 25-5000kHz adjustable
Power stability <2%
Pulse energy >100uJ
Peak power >250MW
Pulse width ~400fs (or 400fs-6ps adjustable)
Switching light responds to <5 s
Beam quality M2<1.3
Spot diameter ~2mm
Divergence angle <2mrad
Polarization direction line polarization
Synchronous output SMA Trigger signal
Control mode RS-232 or DB25
Power requirements DC24 / 40A, rated output power not less than 960W
Mechanical dimensions 648 x 448 x 212 mm