HCSEL Laser line module with 940nm IR Wavelength




HCSEL Laser line module with 940nm IR Wavelength

The 940nm HCSEL diffuser lamp bead series are made with our HCSEL chips. HCSEL Laser 940nm module is designed for high power and efficiency. It is high reliability, stable wavelength, narrow spectral width, low thermal resistance, and excellent high temperature performance.

The excellent beam quality of HCSEL 940nm laser improves the sharpness of the spot edge after passing through the diffuser, thereby improving the light field utilization.

HCSEL Laser line module 940nm solves the problems of light field sharpness and uniformity for line scan 3D sensing. It can be widely used in laser radar, industrial detection, security, medical and other fields.

Product model: LMHD94200-Q1
Wavelength: 940nm
Light output power: 2W
Far field divergence angle: 120×1
Size: 4×3.7×1.4mm