Laser beam sensor NPN PNP detection distance 100 meters long distance sensor photoelectric sensor photoelectric switch


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Product Description

Laser beam sensor NPN PNP Infrared Sensitivity Adjustable Long Distance Measuring Sensor Photoelectric Sensor Photocell Switch Features: 
—-Easy to set up and adjust distance. 
—-Short-circuit protection, reverse polarity protection. 
—-Cable and connector connection optional. 
—-Stainless steel housing, strong and durable. Plastic housing, eonomical and easy to install. 
—-Light on/dark on conversion function. 
—-Built-in power supply, AC, DC or AC/DC universal Power supply. 
Technical parameters:
1, the induction distance: 0-100 meters
2, induction: light blocking alarm
3, working voltage: DC10V-30V
4, the laser wavelength: 650nm
5, working current: launch 35mA, receiving 45mA
6, output mode: NPN,PNP (normally closed or open)
7, the beam divergence angle: 6 <
8, the receiver accepts the angle: < ± 8
9, the optical axis adjustment angle: the level of ± 30
10, the response time: 5ms–5s
11, the working environment temperature: -20  55
12, protection grade: IP67
13, housing material: chrome plated copper surface
14, size: – 30 (length 1.2 meters) 

PNP NPN AC M18 Photoelectric Retro Reflective Sensor Switch
PNP NPN AC M18 Photoelectric Retro Reflective Sensor Switch