High Power LED modules with TEC cooling and optional fibre-coupling




High Power LED modules with TEC cooling and optional fibre-coupling

LEDMOD V2 Series

TEC-cooled High Power LED modules from 255 nm to 950 nm with optional fibre-coupling


Wavelengths & Powers
(other wavelengths and powers on request)
255nm / 150µW *
265nm / 400µW *
275nm / 6mW *
280nm / 600µW *
310nm / 6mW *
340nm / 50mW
UV / Violett:
365nm / 450mW
385nm / 450mW
405nm / 450mW
455nm / 450mW
470nm / 450mW
505nm / 100mW
528nm / 100mW
590nm / 100mW
617nm / 450mW
625nm / 450mW
850nm / 800mW
950nm / 800mW
5600K / 400mW


Free emission angle 120 – 130° (Deep-UV 10°)
Temperature control active peltier cooling (TEC)
External modulation capabilities up to 500kHz analogue modulation
up to 500kHz digital modulation
Modulation inputs 1x Analoge modulation (0…5V / 2.5kOhm) via SMA Connector
1x Digital modulation (TTL / 5kOhm) via SMA Connector
Internal modulation capabilities Up to 200kHz with programmable frequency
and duty-cycle
Power setting resolution internal: 12Bit
external: analogue
 SYNC output TTL signal via SMA connector
Computer interface USB-2.0 and RS-232
Operation modes 1.) external analogue control (0…5V) for output power and
additional external TTL signal for ON/OFF modulation2.) internal power control with external TTL for ON/OFF
modulation3.) internal power control CW (continues wave) operation
(no external signals necessary)4.) internal power control + programmable frequency and
duty-cycle for ON/OFF modulation
(no external signals necessary)

5.) external power control (0…5V) for output power +
programmable frequency and duty-cycle for ON/OFF

Control interface 15-pin HD-Sub-D connector
(without fibre-coupling unit)
 56x52x166mm (HxWxL).
Weight 350g
Supply voltage 11VDC-25VDC
Power consumption 27W max.
<1W in standby
Environmental temperature 0°C-45°C
Certifications CE, UL/CSA on request
Special features * Interlock function
* Over-TEMP protection
* Remote-control
* SYNC output
Options * High-efficiency fibre coupling into high-NA POF
and fused-silica fibres (e.g. 2mm / 70%, 1mm / 35%)
* Collimating and focussing objectives
* Beam shaping (diffractive and refractive)

* Deep-UV models are not available with fiber coupling option.

 The LEDMOD V2 modules offer great functionality and flexibility for applications in industry and research. With more than 40 different wavelengths from deep UV to the near infrared and optical output power of several hundred milliwatts, the so-called “LEDMOD” series can be used in many applications such as microscopy, chemical analysis, spectroscopy, forensics and other areas. The LED modules are available in a fibre-coupled version or with free emission. The modules have modulation inputs for fast analogue intensity modulation with up to 200 kilohertz and digital modulation with a switching time of < 2µs. High-precision temperature stabilization of the LED chips ensures a very good performance and wavelength stability. This is important especially for applications that not only need an exact output power, but also a high stability of the emission spectrum. The digital modulation can be operated via external modulation signals, as well as an internal, programmable signal generator. A SYNC output ensures synchronization with external devices such as cameras, spectrometers and lock-in amplifiers. One or several optional “LEDMOD” modules can be comfortably controlled via RS-232 and USB 2.0 interface by either the supplied software ‘Omicron Control Center’ or the customer’s own software.

– Software driver for Metamorph available

For ageing my samples during EPR measurement

They are all the same price.This includes the LED module, fiber coupler and power supply.


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