Inflatable Duct Sealing System


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Inflatable Duct Sealing System

  • The inflatable Duct Sealing System is specially designed for the sealing of the cable duct, Its superior flexible sealing performance can better protect the safety of the cable and duct when the duct outlet is blocked
  • The inflatable Duct Sealing System is suitable for use with polyethylene of lead sheath cables in plastic, concrete or steel ducts. It permits cable movement while retaining its sealing properties. It can effectively prevent water or small anminals from duct into computer room caused by the accident, also effectively eliminate wells to ensure the progresss of rescue, more effective protection of underground duct network system.
  • Fast and convenient installation and disassembly, suitable for use with empty duct or 1-4 cables.
  • The inflatable Duct Sealing System has been tested in severe environmental conditions, not corroded by hydrochloric acid, alkali and other chemicals. It can be used up for 20 years. Working Temperature IS from -40℃ to 70℃ And it is air-tight up to 50 psi(350kPa).
  • The inflatable Duct Sealing System is designed for use in 40mm to 300mm outside diameter ducts. Available in a variety sizes.

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120×400(Duct OD110), 120×180(Duct OD50), 120×230(Duct OD63), 120×280(Duct OD75), 120×330(Duct OD90), 120×400(Duct OD110), 120×450(Duct OD125), 120×560(Duct OD160), 140×650(Duct OD180), 140×700(Duct OD200), 160×900(Duct OD250), 160×1040(Duct OD300)